Desktop or Industrial Grade 3D Printing: Safety

By Stratasys on

The Stratasys F123 Series printers have built-in essential safety features to ensure a safe printing process. 3D printers reach high temperatures and have moving gears which have the potential to burn someone. The Stratasys F123 Series is designed to limit the risk of injury through the safety features on the printers.

Designed to Beat the Heat

When you think about 3D printers, safety probably isn’t the first thing that comes to mind. 3D printers produce a lot of heat which introduces a high risk for injury. The F123 Series was designed with an oven, double-pane door and an insulated interior oven that keeps these exterior surfaces below 50° C, which is the safe point to be able to touch it. Many desktop printers have heated beds which reach 100° C, which is the boiling point of water, and they have extruders that are at 250° C. 

Traditional Desktop 3D Printers Stratasys Industrial Grade F123 Series 
  • Heated beds at 100° C
  • Extruders at 250° C
  • Exposed hot and moving parts
  • Insulation keeps exterior below 50° C
  • Exterior safe to the touch
  • Hot or moving parts locked away


Components and Compliance

They also have moving components which drift throughout the printer and can be accessed from the top or through the front. People can get pinched or cut because of this feature. With the F123 printers, the doors lock so it can only be accessed once the printers are cooled down and safe to access. This is important in all applications but especially in situations like classrooms or businesses where a lot of people are using and accessing the printer. There’s also a top cover lock that makes sure moving components can’t be touched or snag clothing during operation.

F123 Overview

In addition to the built-in safety features, the F123 Series has gone through rigorous global compliance testing to make sure it’s safe for operation in a variety of working environments. 

For the quality printing you want, backed by the safety features that you need, the F123 Series has you covered. For more information on the Stratasys F123 Series, click on the button below!