Desktop or Industrial Grade 3D Printing – Reliability

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A 3D printer is only good if it’s working, which is what the Stratasys F123 Series does day in and day out. From the steel box frame that helps maintain calibration to the precision temperature control that protects parts, while ensuring accuracy, the F123 Series is built to serve. It’s a smart business move as it delivers unparalleled performance and reliability year after year.  


Testing for Reliability 

Stratasy_F120_3D_PrinterWith the F123 Series, we test for reliability at two different levels. We do it at the component level so that we live test and accelerate test all the components that are in here to make sure that they operate for the lifetime that it is designed for. But then as a whole, we have over 250,000 hours of testing with the printer printing. This allows us to look at what parts will fail, what parts have failed and we can redesign those. That is way beyond the extent that any other desktop printers have done. We’ve also done over 65,000 hours of testing on the head so that we know that time and again, the parts and components in that extruder will last and work the same way every time, all the time.

Monitoring the Systems 

SSYS_F123 Printer open

There are over 55 sensors in this system that we continually monitor. We know that if something’s out, we’ll give a user warning so that the user will have that assurance that this printer is performing like it did the day they got it. That allows us to know for a fact that the parts are being built correctly. We monitor the temperature, we monitor the voltage of the motors, we monitor the extrusion flow, and all of those things add up to, consistent, quality, reliable, accurate parts.

Part of reliability is understanding that your part is going to print, time and time again. The GrabCAD Print software will email you and say, “Hey, the printer is paused,” and it will give you the reason that it is paused. It will tell you when the part is done. Backed by thousands of hours of testing and a range of the materials specifically tuned for the printer, the Stratasys F123 delivers unparalleled performance and reliability year after year after year.

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