Designing for Today: 3D SheetMetal Creator

By Tony Bucchino on

SOLIDWORKS Cloud offers a number of browser-based tools to help in the design process. One of those tools is 3D SheetMetal Creator. In this tool is an app called xSheetMetal. This app offers unique features to sheet metal part creation in the browser environment shared with xDesign. This will allow the creation of a bent sheet metal part and the corresponding flat pattern within the same easy-to-use interface. 

To start xSheetMetal, simply use the switch app command in the Standard menu bar, or the “X” key on the keyboard as a shortcut.3D SheetMetal Creator

When creating the first sheet metal feature, whether it be a wall or an extrude, you will be prompted to enter some basic information about the part, like thickness, bend radius and relief type. These selections will be used as the default for the rest of the part creation but can be overridden per sheet metal feature.

SheetMetal Parameters

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Features unique to sheet metal part creation are easily created by either selecting an edge or using the Sheet Metal menu bar. Options such as bends, tabs, cuts, and flanges can all be created by selecting an edge and entering the correct information for each feature.

3DX SheetMetal Creator

Common commands like patterns and mirroring are available, even for sheet metal features. This will ensure the correct flat pattern. Flat patterns can be created in the same menu bar and are easily exported as a DXF in the Tools menu.

3D SheetMetal save

Since xSheetMetal is part of SOLIDWORKS Cloud, you get the added benefit of saving the DXF file to 3D Drive in the SOLIDWORKS Cloud allowing for easy sharing with vendors or the shop floor. From the shared DXF, users can redline or markup the print in 3D Play if any changes need to be made.

3D SheetMetal change to rectangle

3D Sheet Metal Creator provides the tools necessary to assist in the creation of sheet metal components. Since it is part of SOLIDWORKS Cloud, all the benefits of data management, revision control, and project collaboration are embedded as part of the process.

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