Delete Hole and Move Face Commands

By David Arthur on

Do you catch yourself working with imported bodies or doing servicing work in SOLIDWORKS? Then you will find these two tools very useful. Watch this week’s Video Tech Tip for ways to use the Delete Hold Command and Move Face Command.

The Delete Hole Command is a feature that is not very well documented in SOLIDWORKS. Rather than being in the toolbar or dropdown, this command is only available when you select an edge of a hole (outlined in blue) and click “delete” on your keyboard. This will prompt the Delete Hole Command, where you can easily patch any hole on your surface.

Another undocumented feature in SOLIDWORKS is the Move Face Command, which can be found in the Face Dropdown or the Right Click Menu. Just right click and select move. Once in the Move Face PropertyManager, you can offset, translate or rotate selected faces. This is a user-friendly feature with flexible parameters and easy-to-use editing options.

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