Customizing the SOLIDWORKS User Interface on the Fly

By TriMech on

SOLIDWORKS is the industry standard for design. What makes this possible is the diversity of tools and features that can be used to design just about anything. We like to say you’re only limited by your imagination but as you’re designing, you’ll find that in reality you only use a few tools. So, it makes sense to have these at your fingertips and customize the interface to your liking to help you get your job done faster. In this week’s Video Tech Tip, we show you how you can customize the interface on the fly.


When we say customizing on the fly we mean you don’t need to go digging through the customization interface. This is a very deep area of the tool that is full of countless ways to customize the SOLIDWORKS user experience, from keyboard shortcuts, mouse gestures, macros and the CommandManager. In this Video Tech Tip, we are focusing on our two favorite ways to customize the CommandManager which is the collection of commands at the top of the interface shown in the image.

SOLIDWORKS CommandManager

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The first way to customize the CommandManager is by leveraging the command search. By typing the letters of a command, the search results will populate any relevant commands. From here, you can activate the command, which is the easiest way to launch it, but you can take this a step further and use the command search to customize the CommandManager. It’s easy, just click and drag the icon of the command from the search results to the desired position in the CommandManager. Now the command can be used many times without needing to first search for it.

Combine option in the SOLIDWORKS CommandManager

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The second way is to leverage a keyboard shortcut to reposition commands by pressing the Alt key and dragging commands to reposition them on the CommandManager.

Keyboard shortcut to customize the SOLIDWORKS user interface

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These are some of our favorite tips, and once you see them in action, we’re sure you’ll agree they are unforgettable.

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