Customize the Standards in the SOLIDWORKS Toolbox

By Tommy Ray on

How nice would it be if you could customize hardware parts to your own standards, categories and types? With SOLIDWORKS Toolbox, you can.

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TriMech Application Engineer, Tommy Ray, dives into a SOLIDWORKS toolbox overview and explains how to customize information in set standards. With the SOLIDWORKS 3D design CAD library toolbox, you can select one of the internationally supported standards including: ANSI, AS, GB, BSI, CISC, DIN, GB, ISO, IS, JIS and KS. Once you select your standard (ex. American National Standards Institute: ANSI), SOLIDWORKS will identify the available machine components and hardware items like nuts and bolts, screws, washers, bearings, jig bushings, rings and other structural members.

Select your hardware and choose whether you want to create a part or configure. By right clicking and selecting “Configure”, you can customize the standard properties or custom properties, which can later be exported and saved as an excel file. Once exported, you can add information to the spreadsheet, re-save and import back into the SOLIDWORKS toolbox configuration window. Any changes that were made will then update in the database.

Want to learn more about toolbox administration? Watch our On-Demand Webinar: SOLIDWORKS Toolbox Do’s and Don’t’s.