Custom Toolbox Components in SOLIDWORKS

By Matt Gabriel on

One of the biggest perks with using SOLIDWORKS is the ability to personalize settings to match your project’s needs. Among the many toolbars, menus and libraries you can customize, editing Toolbox components in SOLIDWORKS is one of our favorites.

Before editing Toolbox components in SOLIDWORKS, you have to create the Toolbox part you want to work with (like the box in the Video Tech Tip above). From here, you can use the SOLIDWORKS Configure Component PropertyManager to set up configurations you want to show. This may consist of default or new configurations, both of which can be driven from a design table.

After the configurations are saved, click Design Library > Configuration Toolbox to configure the existing Toolbox. That will cue an interface where you can customize hardware and add custom Toolbox parts to existing or new folders. Once saved, you can navigate to the part in your library and start testing it in an assembly. 

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