Creating Weldments With The New Structure System Tool

By Stephen Petrock on

Weldments are key features in many designs. One of the exciting tools released in SOLIDWORKS 2019 was the new structure system, an innovative and easier way to create weldments. In this week’s Video Tech Tip, we walk through an example of how to create a new large support structure using this new feature.

The Updated Structure System Tool

The structure system uses simpler and more familiar entities for designing such as surfaces, planes and sketches. It’s an advanced weldment environment that lets users create and modify structural members of different profiles in a single feature.

Primary members are defined using 2D and 3D segments, points, edges, reference planes and surfaces. In this environment, members can have different profiles. Secondary members run between primary members and are defined by selecting member pairs. In this case, the location of the new members will be defined by two support planes and the chain option will be selected to support the member pairs. After adding the structural members, the corner management tool is presented and lets you fine-tune the corner treatments.

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