Creating Pierce and Coincidence Relations in SOLIDWORKS

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Creating your 3D model begins with a good 2D sketch, the foundation of models in SOLIDWORKS. One of the core concepts when working with sketches is using relations to help define the position of sketch geometry. In this week’s Video Tech Tip, we take an in-depth look at one of the more advanced relations – pierce.

Creating Pierce Relations in SOLIDWORKS is easy! Watch the full video where our Elite Application Engineer, Chang Lee, walks you through, step by step.


The Pierce Relation is great for creating relations between entities in 3D space. It’s a little different than the relations available inside a typical 2D sketch, like horizontal or concentric. The Pierce Relation is most often used for lofts, sweeps or boundaries features where it’s important to maintain a connection between profiles and curves. Let’s look at how we can set one up.

For this example, I will make the line on the front plane connected to the curve on the top plane. The line is the active sketch where the curve was created before. I will need to select two entities (you can do this by holding down the CTRL key). Let’s select the point and the curve shown below.

Selecting a plane in SOLIDWORKS

After selecting them, you’ll be given some relationship options on the left side of the screen under Properties. Select Pierce.

Selecting pierce relation in SOLIDWORKSHere’s the result. The line has moved to where it can successfully meet the curve.

Pierce relation in SOLIDWORKS

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