Creating Manufacturing Notes Within GrabCAD Print

By Ricky Shannon on

Communication is an area we can all work on, even in the 3D printing space. But never fear, GrabCAD Print has a little-used tool to help annotate and mark up parts for both file setup and secondary operations. This tool is rightfully called Manufacturing Notes and it does exactly as its name implies – allows for the dictation of valuable information on the part being printed within GrabCAD Print.

How This Tool Helps

GrabCAD adding notes - model settingsThe two main areas this tool helps with are:

  1. Denoting key areas where post-processing operations will happen (tap sizes, surface finishes, critical dimensions, etc.)
  2. Making annotations on areas of the part before file setup.

The latter allows for someone who is requesting to have a part produced to make notes on that part to better communicate their intentions with the printer operators. This means a part requester can address areas of concerns and call out key performance criteria for various areas of the part without having to have the first-hand knowledge on how to setup the file for 3D printing.

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All-Inclusive Feature

GrabCAD export manufacturing notesThis feature also works for all printing technologies within GrabCAD Print – not just FDM. These notes are ideal for multi-material PolyJet printers like the Stratasys J850 where production staff and part requesters can highlight areas requiring different shore values, transparencies and even desired colors. This promotes better internal communication that results in smoother production and more successful parts.

Click on the link below to view a video demo of how to use Manufacturing Notes within GrabCAD Print.

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