Creating Libraries in SOLIDWORKS Electrical

By Stephen Petrock on

SOLIDWORKS Electrical is a powerful tool that makes creating 2D Schematics quick and easy. SOLIDWORKS Electrical Schematic is capable of developing electrical systems with robust and intuitive single-line and multi-line schematic tools for planning your electrical system. In no time at all, you can generate drawings, wire lists, “From-To” lists, and countless other documentation for manufacturing.

SOLIDWORKS Electrical Database

With SOLIDWORKS Electrical’s database of over half a million manufactured parts for use in your design, you can shrink the development time by reusing common circuits and symbols. With a simple drag and drop you can add things as simple as an individual component and even complex circuits to your schematics. If you’re using the component at your company, chances are good that it’s in the database. But if it’s not, you can easily add your own custom symbols to the database. 

>> Click here to learn how to create libraries in SOLIDWORKS Electrical

With a database this large, however, comes the need for an efficient way to find the right symbol at the right time. Libraries are a great way to quickly find what you need when working in a SOLIDWORKS Electrical Project. Instead of searching for components and symbols by its name or any other various properties, you can easily sort via libraries. Think of them as being a custom group or folder for your components, that are available across all your electrical projects. 

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