Creating Interactive Content With SOLIDWORKS Composer

By Michael Souders on

With SOLIDWORKS Composer, all sorts of technical content can be created from your 3D models- animation videos, assembly guides, instruction manuals, and even interactive content you can embed on your web-page or other documents. In this Video Tech Tip, we walk you through the process of how to create interactive content based on the simple workflow of linking views.

When it comes to documenting your SOLIDWORKS designs and creating technical content, SOLIDWORKS Composer is the best out there. Augmenting your model views with things like text and arrows is a breeze. The best part is, if your model ever changes, your Composer project will update to reflect these changes. This enables your documentation to be created in parallel along with your design, completely eliminating the traditional serial process where the design had to be finished before any documentation could be started.

In SOLIDWORKS Composer, views are like a snap shot of your model. They’re saved on the left side of the screen in what looks like a storyboard. It’s a very simple workflow. Set up your model how you like, add any text or arrows and then capture the view. The real power of this workflow is when you take it a step further and allow a client to interactive with these views. This is done by linking the views. With just a quick drag and drop you can create a clickable link between these views, making interactive content so simple. 

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