Creating GIFs for Your Exploded View in SOLIDWORKS

By Sonya Kasper on

An exploded view in SOLIDWORKS can be very useful for creating a visual representation of how to assemble and disassemble assembly files. How you need to share those views can dictate how you want to save your exploded view out.

When making an exploded view in SOLIDWORKS, there are many options to choose from. MP4 and AVI might be good options for a lot of situations, but have you ever noticed those series of image file options?

3d image with open screen showing options

To save the exploded view, hit the save animation button and choose your settings for file save types. If you just want a .mp4 or .avi, your job is done.  But the series of image options can help you create different file types.

One use of the series options is to create GIF files from them! It’s easy! Just save your animation to a folder and use your GIF creator of choice.

In this example, I saved out as .jpg files.  There are a ton of programs or apps out there for creating GIFs, many of them are even for free.  For this file, I used Google Photo, selected all the images I saved in an album there and hit “Animation.”

Created exploded views in SOLIDWORKSNow you can use your GIF anywhere you need it!

Here are my results:

Flashlight Animation SOLIDWORKS GIF Export
Flashlight Animation SOLIDWORKS GIF Export

What GIFs will you create with Exploded view in SOLIDWORKS?