Creating an Overmolded Part in SOLIDWORKS

By John Hall on

Often times in SOLIDWORKS there are multiple approaches to a solution. In this Video Tech Tip, we explore one of the many ways to create an overmolded part in SOLIDWORKS.

Before I explain how to create an overmolded part in SOLIDWORKS, please note that there are several ways of doing this. For this specific example, I will be demonstrating how to create unique solid bodies from a ski-pull handle with overmolded rubber.

The first step in this approach is creating a Wrap Command. To do this, start by selecting an offset plane using the Control Command or the Plane Feature from your Reference Geometry. Once the offset plane is identified, create a closed contour sketch (or use a pre-existing sketch) to wrap around the surface and form the desired surface shape. This can be done in the Wrap Command on your Features Toolbar by selecting Wrap Types (embossing, debossing or scribing), Wrap Methods (analytical or spline surface) and Wrap Parameters.

Once SOLIDWORKS software applies the wrap commands to the part, the next step is to offset the surface and create a unique surface body on the face of your part. This will create two distinct solid bodies 1) for the original plastic part and 2) for the overmolded rubber. Aside from being relatively simple, the beauty of this SOLIDWORKS process is having the ability to isolate each geometry and see each part and overmold separately in their own form.

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