Controlling All of Your Data With SOLIDWORKS PDM

By Catherine Smith on

With SOLIDWORKS PDM you can get control of your data- not just SOLIDWORKS data, but all your data. Any file that lives on the Windows Operating System can be stored and managed in the PDM Vault. As you continue to work more and more files will be added to the vault–SOLDIWORKS parts, assemblies, drawings, pdfs, excel workbooks and so on. 

>> Watch this video to learn how to find where your PDM Archives are stored

Where Does Your Data Exist

Instead of the data existing in some abstract place called the vault, you’ll sometime want to know exactly where this data exists. In this video we show you how to figure out exactly where your PDM archives are stored on the archive server. 

Both PDM Standard and PDM Professional store the physical files for the vault on the archive server. We walk you through two different methods to identify this location: the archive server administration tool and the registry editor. 

Keep in mind that because these steps could cause downstream problems for your production vault or the files that are key to your business, we recommend this be used only for information gathering and not to make any changes to the archive server. It is important to make sure that you have a complete understanding of the tools you are using and the implications for your data. 

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