Communicating With Your Recruiter

By Drema Davis on

Your phone rang and you had that initial conversation with a recruiter. Congratulations! You just started a brand new professional relationship, and like all relationships, communication is key. Regardless of who reached out to whom first, it’s important to stay in contact. 

The reasons for keeping an honest and open dialogue with your recruiter are plentiful, but there are a few basic incentives to stay connected without going over the top or even worse, disappearing!

Why You May Reach Out To Your Recruiter

  • Stay in Contact With Your RecruiterYou will want to express continued interest in the position you discussed. This will help keep you at the top of their mind. 
  • Chat with us after each step in the process. Call after each interview (both phone or in person) to let us know what is happening. 
  • Keep us in the loop and share updates and or new opportunities that you are pursuing.
  • If you changed your mind and are no longer interested in the position, let us know. It’s okay, it happens, and we understand that!
  • If you are contacted about the same position by another recruiter, give us a call.
  • Even after placement, let us know how it’s going: the good, the bad and the ugly! We want to know and want you to be happy.
  • Is someone you know looking for a new job? Call us up with your referral! We love to help and would love to reward you with a referral bonus!

Why a Recruiter May Reach Out To You

  • We want to know where you are in your job search, we don’t like surprises!
  • To make sure we’re both on the same page we want to hear your thoughts (both good and bad) on opportunities we are pursuing for you.
  • If a new position becomes available we think you’d be a fit for, or if we have feedback on the current opportunities we’re going after, we’ll reach out to share the information with you.
  • Sometimes clients will reach out to us asking for additional information if they’re interested in you for an available position! We’ll then reach out to you to get everything they need and move the process forward. 
  • We saw your application and resume and want to set up an interview! The first step in landing your new job. 
  • Most importantly, we will reach out to you to offer you a job!!

How To Communicate With Your Recruiter

There are many ways to connect with your recruiter! Most recruiters prefer to speak with you on the phone, especially the first contact. This allows for a 2-way conversation, enabling us to learn about each other, the open position and allow for you and the recruiter to get questions answered. Email is great for follow-ups and subsequent communication. Texting is becoming more popular, especially for setting up interviews and getting fast answers that may be time sensitive.

As we said before, communication is key! It’s important to remember your recruiter is your conduit to the hiring company and hiring manager. It may appear that recruiters are over the top with questions and communication, but we are your advocate and working on your behalf to land you the dream job you are seeking!

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