Cloud-based 3D Printing? It’s Closer Than You Think!

By Mark Peterson on

Have you ever been at home or on the road and thought, “I wonder how my 3D print is doing?” Did you forget to start that part before you left for the weekend? Do you have multiple users and multiple printers and keep asking, “Who started this print?” Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to check the status of your 3D printer without having physical access to it?

Since cloud-based storage and spreadsheets are all too common, shouldn’t we already have a similar solution for 3D printing? Well, that’s what Stratasys and GrabCAD (now a Stratasys-owned solution) set out to do. This summer, the Stratasys Software Team will release GrabCAD Print: a cloud-based software solution that brings connectivity and accessibility to 3D printing.

One of my favorite features of this new software is that there is no need to export your data to the inferior STL format before printing. GrabCAD Print can import your 3D CAD files natively – and it works for assemblies or parts:

GrabCad_Dropdown_Menu.jpgOnce your native CAD file are imported you can easily repair all components with a few clicks.


You can also see slice information, move models around the tray, get time and material estimates and much more. When you’re ready, you can take a look at the available printers in your office or even in another location (we’re utilizing the cloud, remember?), and you’re ready to print.


Once the print has started, you can relax knowing that you can view the status of the print at anytime from anywhere.

If all this new functionality doesn’t get you excited, just think about the amount of time you’ll save using the GrabCAD Print workflow compared to what you’re probably doing right now.


Click to Enlarge Workflow Diagram

For more information, here’s a link to the official announcement of GrabCAD print on the Stratasys blog:


Sign up for your free version of GrabCAD Print at

Note: Currently supported printers for GrabCAD Print include: uPrint SE, uPrint SE Plus, Fortus 250mc, Dimension Elite, Dimension 1200es (SST & BST), with more coming soon!