Cloud-Based 3D Design with xApps – Part 10: Product Release Engineer

By Matt Kokoski on

Now that our 3DEXPERIENCE circular saw project design is complete, we’ll see how we can use the Engineering Release xApp to finalize the information about the components, release the part files, and generate multiple Bills of Material. Files can be released individually or as an entire set and any created BOMs can be exported as a CSV file to be used in other processes in the engineering cycle.

Watch the video below for the complete walk-through on how we finalize our project!

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Opening a Project

First, we start by opening the circular saw assembly. You can open any assembly done in one of the xApps or any SOLIDWORKS assembly in the Engineering Release app. This xApp shows a list of components in the assembly.

3DEXPERIENCE Project Components

Modifying Properties

With the assembly open, we can now modify the properties of the components. This is done with the Information icon in the upper right-hand corner of the application.
3DEXPERIENCE Modifying PropertiesSelecting the pencil icon will allow us to change information about the parts like description, material, title. We can set all these items about any component in the assembly before releasing the part.

We can also use the Engineering Release xApp to set our Enterprise Item Number (EIN). This is a custom item number we can assign to any component in an assembly. We can customize the string of items we put together to make a part number.
3DEXPERIENCE Setting Enterprise Number

Releasing the Files

Once all the data for the components are set, we can work on releasing files. Files listed in the BOM can be sorted by the maturity state. This will show which files are released, frozen, or in work.
3DEXPERIENCE File ListingIn this list, files can be released individually or as an entire set.

3DEXPERIENCE Releasing Files

Exporting the BOM

With all the files released, we are now ready to export the BOM. The entire BOM can be exported as a CSV file to be used in other processes in the engineering cycle.

3DEXPERIENCE Exporting the BOM

Creating a New BOM

Now that the circular saw design is released and the BOM is finished, we will create a new BOM. With Engineering Release, we can create a BOM that includes existing components and items that may need an item number but not a CAD file. This allows us to create BOMs for items outside the design environment, for example, a packaging Bill of Material.
3DEXPERIENCE Creating a New BOMNon-engineering items can be added as well. For example, here we added instruction documentation and a warranty card. We can add these items from the vault or upload documents from our computer.3DEXPERIENCE Adding Documentation to BOM-1This built-in flexibility allows the 3DEXPERIENCE platform to be used in more areas of the design process. And perhaps most importantly – all within a web browser.

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