Circuit Board Solution: SOLIDWORKS PCB

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The creation of circuit boards involves a lot of complex pieces to manage and consider; from mechanical and electrical engineering to the final board production. TriMech might have found the perfect combination of software and hardware to streamline this complicated prototyping process. 

This solution includes SOLIDWORKS PCB software and the Dragonfly 2020 Pro 3D Printer from Nano Dimension. Watch the video below to see Levon, our Senior ECAD Application Engineer, walk through the highlights in just under four minutes.

SOLIDWORKS PCB streamlines the design of the printed circuit board to effectively allow real-time interaction between mechanical and electrical engineering within the same environment, while the Dragonfly 2020 Pro 3D printer produces high resolution, multi-layer PCB prototypes in a cost-effective platform.


Sample circuit board view in SOLIDWORKS PCB

Collaboration between MCAD and ECAD workflows has always been difficult. Mechanical and electrical engineers have to exchange designs in various file formats (that are often incompatible with each other) via email or other data-sharing methods (not all of which are secure). This makes for an inefficient process where much can be lost in translation.

With SOLIDWORKS PCB,  Mechanical and electrical engineers can communicate design changes bi-directionally in the same familiar platform.

  • For a more in-depth look at some of the other key features of SOLIDWORKS PCB, watch Levon’s on-demand webinar: Get to Know SOLIDWORKS PCB.

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