Checking Your SOLIDWORKS PDM System History

By Chris Kolling on

Checking Your SOLIDWORKS PDM System History

A feature that is little known but often asked about is the SOLIDWORKS PDM system history log. This shows a log of changes made to your SOLIDWORKS PDM vault, including time and date stamps and the name of the person who made the change.

This can be helpful, especially when you have a few different admins for your vault. Unfortunately, if all admins sign in as “Admin,” this may not be quite as helpful as it should be.

I recommend each admin create a named admin account with elevated permissions.  This account would be used to sign into the SOLIDWORKS PDM administration tool to make changes (not for day-to-day work).

For example, my regular SOLIDWORK PDM login might be ckolling, whereas my admin account for changing permissions and workflows might be ckolling_admin or something similar.

To access the system history log, open your SOLIDWORKS PDM Admin tool and right click on your vault name. If you have not yet signed into your vault, click on Connect and enter your admin/named admin password.

After you have signed into your vault, right click the vault name and select “System History.”

SOLIDWORKS PDM Administration

You will now see who changed what and when. Unfortunately, there are not many details on what exactly was modified, just that a user, workflow, data card, etc. have been modified.  You can also see when items have been added or deleted.


As you can see in the above screenshot, everything was done by admin. Since I am the only admin of this vault, this is fine, but again, if you have several people sharing the common admin login, you lose accountability.

This history can be saved as a text file or printed. Notice that there is an “Erase History” button as well. I do not recommend erasing any history in this log for future referencing and troubleshooting purposes.

I hope this has been helpful for taking a peek “under the hood” of your S system.

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