Changing the Color of Your SOLIDWORKS Sketches

By TriMech on

For most models that we work with, the default SOLIDWORKS gray color is going to work perfectly fine for the inactive sketches in our models, but sometimes there is a need to change that. Maybe we need to highlight a specific sketch to draw a coworker’s attention to it. Or maybe we just need better sketch visibility on a part that has a very similar gray color. Let’s take a look at how to modify this setting.

People know that you can globally change the color of a SOLIDWORKS sketch by going into the SOLIDWORKS system preferences and navigating to the Colors option. Here, we can find options for changing the different types of sketches in our model. Keep in mind that a change here is going to apply that color to every sketch in parts, assemblies and drawings across the entire system.

choosing sketch colors in solidworks
Global color change of SOLIDWORKS sketch

However, sometimes a user only needs to change the color of a very specific sketch and doesn’t want other models affected by that change. This is really easy to do. We can right-click on the sketch that we want to change the color of. In this right-click menu, there’s a sketch color option, and we can pick the perfect color to accentuate the sketch in our model.

changing color of sketch lines

The color we’re setting here is only affecting the sketch that we selected. If we need to change the color of more than one sketch, that too is really easy to do. We’re able to select multiple sketches, do that same right-click, go to Sketch > go to Color and change the color of multiple sketches at one time. With SOLIDWORKS, we have a lot of control not only over how our models are actually built, but how it’s displayed on the screen.