Capture and share ideas fast with SOLIDWORKS Mechanical Conceptual

By Heather Sutton on

New concept designs are the roots of the product development tree, but it requires a lot of communication between multiple parties. We all know how easy that can be. Today’s competitive environment demands companies deliver their products to market faster, all while collaborating with tons of stakeholders with lots of different ideas.


On average, there are six conceptual and four design iterations in a typical project. If you’re not collaborating early in the conceptual design phase, you are missing the mark, big time.

Pen and paper has always been a great way to jot down new concepts, but there are limits to how you can share the design, save it and add functionality. SOLIDWORKS is great for when you have a clear design concept, but it doesn’t really allow you to showcase your creativity.

SOLIDWORKS Mechanical Conceptual allows you to capture your designs in a 3D platform, incorporating design and collaboration into a single environment. You never have to toss out a design and start over.

The design changes as you make changes. It even simulates real world effects so you can test your product before you spend too much time on detailed design. You can’t get that kind of feedback from a paper drawing!

Imagine having the ability to:

  • Focus on innovation as design goals, not your 3D CAD tool
  • Work simultaneously on the same design with multiple designers
  • Manage several design iterations created before the first prototype
  • Collaborate with who you want, when you want, wherever you are

SolidWorks-Mechanical-Conceptual-Connected-1Sounds nice, huh? You can see a quick breakdown of the program’s best features in our previous blog, “5 Best Features of SOLIDWORKS Mechanical Conceptual.”

Watch the video below to learn more about SOLIDWORKS Mechanical Conceptual, or contact our Sales Team to request a quote.