Advanced Training Helps Revamp Design Techniques

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TriMech is fortunate to work with clients from Maine to Florida and out to Arkansas, offering a range of engineering solutions. This week’s client story showcases a client’s use of SOLIDWORKS Advanced Part Modeling Training. 

Outdated Design Techniques

During a Client Care Visit with one of our industrial manufacturing clients, we discovered that they were using some outdated design techniques and not taking advantage of the latest sketching and finishing features on some of their designs. They were using several features and steps to get to a finished model that could have been better created using some of the techniques introduced in our SOLIDWORKS Advanced Parts Modeling Class.

Infographic_Top 11 Best Features in SW 2018 (1)Under utilizing features is common for companies, especially with new upgrades. When SOLIDWORKS 2018 released 186 major software updates and improvements earlier this year, it outdated many of the design tricks people were used to. Our online and in-house SOLIDWORKS training courses can help client stay sharp on their CAD skills and quicken their learning curve.

>> Download our infographic to see our picks for the top 11 features in SOLIDWORKS 2018

Taking Advantage of SOLIDWORKS Advanced Part Modeling Training

By taking advantage of advanced sketching skills, multi-thickness shells, and variable radius fillets covered in the course, our client was able to tackle a difficult product design and get faster and more accurate prototypes for a product line release as well as generate trade show and marketing materials with ease.

Industrial Designers who design plastic parts, aerodynamic or hydrodynamic parts, stylized consumer goods or those who work with surfaces, can all benefit from this course. When designing complex parts in SOLIDWORKS, there’s little time to waste looking for the right feature or checking off the correct options.

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