A Closer Look at the Continuous Build 3D Printer from Stratasys

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The Stratasys Continuous Build 3D Printer is here to help you reduce your production time by allowing you to print various jobs at once, one after the other. This smart, modular, FDM manufacturing automated printing system will enable you to produce multiple parts quickly without any interruptions and with a variety of colors.

How Does the Continuous Build 3D Printer Work?

SSYS Continuous Build 3D PrinterThe Continuous Build has been created with the Stratasys top-notch FDM technology. The machine consists of multiple FDM printers put together as cells, designed to enable mass customization projects. In comparison to other FDM machines, the Continuous Build requires less manual labor, as the jobs are automatically queued from the SKYLAB software, and users can remotely load files and monitor jobs on the machine. Once a print job is completed, it is ejected, and the next project in the queue begins.

Core features of the Continuous Build include:

  • Automatic work order and print set-up
  • Modular and automated additive manufacturing cells
  • Load balancing
  • Scalable, distributed architecture
  • High availability/failover

Comparing the Continuous Build to Other FDM 3D Printers

Whether you have a larger or smaller shop, the Continuous Build is scalable to suit your production needs, and more stacks can be added as needed to increase your production capabilities. Its design allows it to be used in industrial environments as well as smaller spaces. It could be used in an office, like the Stratasys F123 series or in an industrial setting, like the Stratasys F900.

Like the F900 and F123 FDM machines, the Continuous Build can produce multiple high-accuracy parts at once. What makes the Continuous Build different from these other printers is its ability to mass-produce parts without requiring manual labor to remove projects from the print tray, speeding up production time and reducing manual post-processing. The F123 series and F900 have larger build trays, so they provide you with the capability to produce multiple, larger parts in one job.

Continuous Build ABS MaterialsAlthough the Continuous Build machine can produce multiple jobs at once, it is limited to how many materials you can use. Currently, it only uses ABSplus, but you can choose from a wide selection of colors available such as black, red, ivory and more. The F123 series and F900 include more extensive options of materials such as PLA, ASA, TPU, FDM Nylon, ULTEM, and more.

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Applications for The Continuous Build

The Continuous Build can be the ideal solution for various production needs. Companies across different industries, such as manufacturing and design schools, have taken advantage of what this system can offer. Take a look at this short video and learn how the Continuous Build has impacted production capabilities for some of these companies..

Want to learn more about the Stratasys Continuous Build 3D printer? Check out our product page for a complete spec sheet or request a quote today.