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Missed our most recent SOLIDWORKS PDM tech tips? We’ve compiled some of our latest technical videos to bring your week to a productive end.

SOLIDWORKS PDM Tech Tips & How Tos

1. Create & Delete Local Vault Views

Quickly navigate to files stored on different vaults using local vault views. We’ll demonstrate how to set up these vault views and get rid of ones you don’t need.


2. Access SOLIDWORKS PDM Through The Web

We’ll walk you through the SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional web interface. View your vault files from anywhere and work with them just as you would from the desktop client. Plus, check out how PDM works on your smart phone or tablet.

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SOLIDWORKS PDM Tech Tips & How Tos3. Undo File Check Out In SOLIDWORKS PDM

Need to restore a file without saving any edits or creating a new version in SOLIDWORKS PDM? We’ll explain how to undo the check out process without changing the original CAD file stored in the vault.

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Running a system backup in SOLIDWORKS PDM is surprisingly easy. We’ll show you how to adjust your settings and set a maintenance schedule for routine backup.

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SOLIDWORKS PDM Tech Tips & How Tos5. Creating Custom Columns In SOLIDWORKS PDM

Need to see more than just the default data columns in SOLIDWORKS PDM? Find out how the Administration tool can help you create a personalized column set, then use this new data to build custom searches.

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6. Using The SOLIDWORKS PDM Vault

We’ll show you how to efficiently maneuver the SOLIDWORKS PDM Vault. Learn how to preview a CAD file without slowing down your search. Plus, see how to view the full 3D commands right within in the preview pane.

To learn more about PDM view our PDM Client Breakdown Guide!