5 Ways to Save 5 Minutes with the Control Key in SOLIDWORKS

By Stephen Petrock on

If there’s one thing that we all want more of it’s time. This is true in life and also in SOLIDWORKS. For now, the only way we can get more time is to learn how to better use the time we have. In terms of SOLIDWORKS that means becoming more efficient. In this Video Tech Tip, we show you 5 ways you can use the Control Key to help you save time.

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1. Copy Sketch Geometry: At the sketch level you can use familiar control key functionality to create copies of sketch geometry. Just hold the control key while dragging on sketch geometry like lines or circles to create additional copies. This works just like PowerPoint or Excel.

2. Copy Features from the Feature Tree: With the control key held, you can drag a feature from the Feature Manager Design Tree onto model geometry to add it for example adding an existing fillet to a new edge. Just wait until the mouse pointer changes from the circle with a slash to a plus sign. That’s your indication that you can complete the operation.

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3. Simulation Studies: With the control key, you can copy simulation study features to other studies, such as loads, fixtures, materials, and even the mesh.

4. Create Additional Planes: Hold the control key and drag on existing reference plans to create new reference planes. The plane will be placed where you stop dragging, but the value can be refined by editing the definition of the plane.

5. Copy Components in an Assembly: With the control key pressed you can drag and drop to place copies of components from both the graphics area or the Feature Manager.

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