5 Reasons to Switch to SOLIDWORKS

By TriMech on

While switching 3D software platforms may seem like a daunting task, sticking with an existing platform for sake of ease can cost a company time, money and important resources. If you’ve recently thought about switching platforms, think it may make sense for your company in the future or are not completely satisfied with your current workflow, join us as we take a look at the top 5 reasons to make the switch to SOLIDWORKS.

1. SOLIDWORKS is More Than Just CAD

We know that the design process does not begin and end with one person or department. The SOLIDWORKS product portfolio offers several tools including CAD, CAM, Electrical, Product Data Management and more. Utilizing SOLIDWORKS will allow your design to manufacturing process become more efficient. SOLIDWORKS brings different departments together allowing them to work in the same environment, creating cross-functional communication that can save your company time and money.


2. Cloud Software That is Optional and Not Mandatory

Today, the market offers a variety of software platforms including cloud and non-cloud solutions. While some companies offer cloud-only solutions, with SOLIDWORKS you have the benefit of both capabilities. Dassault Systèmes cloud offering, the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, is a cloud-based environment that enables active collaboration throughout your organization. Through the 3DEXPERIENCE platform not only can you access and leverage your SOLIDWORKS files, you also have the ability to connect your organization allowing seamless communication and collaboration between departments including engineering, sales, marketing, operations and more.

>> Learn more about 3DEXPERIENCE platform offerings.

Are you currently working with a more traditional desktop software and not ready to make the switch to the cloud? SOLIDWORKS offers its full range of products with traditional desktop licenses. Plus you can feel comfortable knowing that should you decide to make that move in the future, you have a path ready for you to transition to the cloud.

3. Has the Tools You Need Now and Later

SOLIDWORKS is dedicated to providing their users with the best experience possible. This means that each year, the SOLIDWORKS team releases hundreds of enhancements, new features and bug fixes. Developers create many of these performance improvements based on direct feedback from the users. While access to new features and functionalities is exciting, another perk is that SOLIDWORKS also improves access to previous functionalities through a process called “waterfall.” This means that standard packages improve by gaining high-level features previously only available in premium packages. And to top it off, you have instant access to these improvements through your machine, making upgrading easier than ever.SOLIDWORKS Waterfall animation for versions 2014-2017

4. New Hires and Students Know SOLIDWORKS

SolidWorks Student

With over 30,000 available job positions worldwide on any given day requiring some level of SOLIDWORKS experience, SOLIDWORKS has solidified itself as an industry standard. The US projected an increase in over 68,000 engineering jobs in 2018 alone. Over 14,500 schools around the world offer SOLIDWORKS training which results in over one million students entering the workforce who are eager to hit the ground running. Operating with SOLIDWORKS will help your organization attract the best and brightest candidates. 

5. The SOLIDWORKS Community

SOLIDWORKS is more than just its software. It is an entire community that comes together to connect, learn and inspire. With over 3 million users, SOLIDWORKS makes it easy to connect locally through their SOLIDWORKS User Group (SWUG) network. 

SWUG Meeting

Additionally, as a SOLIDWORKS user, you have access to the Value-Added Resellers (VARs) and SOLIDWORKS staff and partners, whose expertise is unmatched and who are continuously producing content and events that allow users engage with the community, learn tips and tricks and stay up to date with the latest technology in the industry.

Wondering how to start making the switch to SOLIDWORKS? While the majority of our customers prefer SOLIDWORKS Premium, at TriMech we work hand-in-hand with your organization to determine which tools best fit your needs. We also have an incredible team of engineers with the expertise to make the transition seamless.