4 Tips for Summer Job Hunting

By Angie Droz on

4 Tips  for Summer Job Hunting.jpeg

Summer is the season of lying by the pool, grilling out with friends—and yes, job hunting! There’s a long believed myth that hiring stalls during the summer months, but in fact, position are filling up at the same rate or faster than the rest of the year. Keep your job search fired up during these months and use these tips for summer job hunting.

  1. Open up your availability.

The most difficult part of hiring during the summer months is due to scheduling conflicts. Many employees and applicants use this season to take vacation days, which causes this season to become a scheduling nightmare. If you’re searching for a job this summer, keep your calendar updated and make yourself easy to contact. Stay organized so you don’t miss you on an opportunity due to a scheduling conflict.

  1. Take advantage of unique networking opportunities.

Summer comes with lots of awesome networking opportunities. From barbecues to volunteering or working with your local community, there are tons of great new ways to meet professional contacts. You can check out this blog to learn some tips for networking this summer!

  1. Try out contract-to-hire.

Over the summer months, many companies offer internship or contract-to-hire opportunities. Take advantage of these! If a company needs some extra hands to cover employees that are out for vacation, use this opportunity to gain experience in the company and network with your managers.

  1. Stay consistent.

Job hunting can be tedious, but stay patient and consistent. Don’t assume that summer is a slow hiring season, and use this as an excuse to stall your job hunt. Keep applying for jobs and use this season to your advantage to get ahead of the competition.

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