3DEXPERIENCE Works: What’s New in 2022x FD03

By Brent Rodgers on

Released on July 9th, the latest update of browser-based design roles for 3DEXPERIENCE® Works is here. Following the trend of releases prior, this update is jam packed with power-ups; full of both new features and enhancements to existing tools. With so many items included in the update, here’s a list containing a few of what I believe are the heavy hitters in this “What’s New for 2022x FD03”.

1. Welcome App

Available with 3D Creator & 3DEXPERIENCE SOLIDWORKS roles, the improved Welcome App provides visibility to all the user’s available design tools. Additionally, it allows for quick and easy navigation between the apps. This is a wonderful improvement, especially for new users and I think it will really serve well to provide easier adaptation to the platform’s usability. Users with the 3DEXPERIENCE SOLIDWORKS role will have the added ability to launch the SOLIDWORKS desktop application from the Welcome App (not reflected in the current image).

Welcome App
Welcome App

2. Map Revision Comments as a SOLIDWORKS Attribute

It’s now possible to map revision comments that are created and stored on the platform, back into SOLIDWORKS. This is a really valuable addition to the platform. This is an attribute that many users will leverage and indeed map to their SOLIDWORKS drawings. It provides quick insight to any notable information pertaining to the current revision, without having to look at the file properties within 3DEXPERIENCE.

map revision comments

3. Material Customization

Improve design accuracy and ensure that your model has the correct mass by leveraging the added ability to create custom material properties. Not only will it save you time when analyzing designs, it also serves to drive downstream processes like simulations.

material customization
Customize material properties

4. Access xDesign Commands from the xShape Action Bar

All the xDesign commands are now accessible from the action bar in xShape! What that means is, if you possess both the 3D Creator and 3D Sculptor Role, you no longer need to switch between apps to leverage the tools specific to each. You can now perform parametric modeling and sub-divisional modeling within the same environment.

Access xDesign Commands
Access xDesign Commands

5. Variable Fillet Command in xDesign

The Fillet command within xDesign receives a nice upgrade. Now with the added ability to create variable fillets through multi-point manipulation and customization. This is a really useful feature that opens the possibilities for more dynamic and advanced designs.

Fillet command
Fillet command

6. Create Sheet Templates in xDrawing

A massive addition to the xDrawing app (formerly named xDefine). This new ability offers priceless time saving advantages. In addition, drawing templates provides consistency and minimizes the potential for missed information. This is a big step in the right direction for the creation of technical documentation on the platform.

Sheet templates
Sheet templates

7. Enhanced Recognize Command in xSheetMetal

The Recognize command in xSheetMetal has received a powerful revamp. We now have the capability to recognize a Solid or a Surface when converting to sheet metal. This is in addition to the previously existing recognition of a Thin. The new recognition tools will lend to the creation of more complex sheet metal designs in a shorter amount of time, boosting productivity.

Recognize Command
Recognize Command

8. Automatic Corner Trimming in xFrame

If you’re familiar with the weldment capabilities in desktop SOLIDWORKS, you’ll agree automatic corner trimming is a game changer when designing structures. With the addition of this capability it provides efficient and intuitive control of structural members, which can now be experienced in xFrame as well.

Corner Trimming
Corner Trimming tool

9. Mold Assembly and Component Creation

A new command available to xMold, called Create Assembly from Sets, streamlines the process for creating an assembly and mold components. It’s now possible to simultaneously create, name and save separate physical products for individual mold components from a set of mold bodies, all while generating an assembly, in one command.

mold assemblymold assembly
Mold assembly

10. Added “Export as” Option:

The Product Structure Editor app now provides the capability for non-CAD users to extract SOLIDWORKS native data that’s stored on the platform. The extracted data can then be shared with stakeholders for improved collaboration. Even if you are a CAD user, this is an effective method for exporting SOLIDWORKS CAD files, as it allows you to do so without needing to open SOLIDWORKS.

Export As CAD files
Export As CAD files

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