3D Printing Produces Prototypes in Record Time at Plastics One

By Emily Wolfe on

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TriMech is fortunate to work with clients from Maine to Florida and out to Arkansas, offering a wide range of engineering solutions. This week’s client story showcases PlasticsOne and their use of the Stratasys Objet260 Connex3.

Stratasys Objet260 Connex3Since 1949, PlasticsOne has been designing and manufacturing for the medical device industry. They are comprised of several hundred employee-owners who take great pride in designing and building these products.

Using the Stratasys Objet260 Connex3

PlasticOne wanted a 3D printer that would allow them to use multi-colors and multi-materials quickly and efficiently. They chose the Objet260 Connex3 through TriMech because it is the best resolution printer on the market, allowing them to print high resolution injection molded parts. With this PolyJet technology, PlasticsOne is able to produce low volume parts, as well as quick turnaround prototypes for their customers. 

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Producing Prototypes Faster and Lowering Costs

With reduced lead times, PlasticsOne is able to provide proof of concept in days rather than weeks or months with minimal cost to customers. In addition, they are able to make changes before committing to production model. The Objet260 Connex3 create the opportunity for the Sales team to providing quotes on small run production jobs, and the Engineering and Production teams to provide high resolution fixtures and 3D printed parts for design ideas. As 3D printing continues to grow, PlasticsOne plans to grow with it! 

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