3D Printing in the Medical Industry: Videos by Scott Rader & Kevin Billett

By Marcus Weddle on

Interested in how additive manufacturing fits into the world of healthcare and medicine? You’re in the right place. We have two great videos for you covering 3D printing in the medical industry. Watch below:

INTERPHEX 2016 for Medical Industry:

By Kevin Billett

The first of the INTERPHEX 2016 show, where we brought some of the incredible new Stratasys J750 color prints including stunning hand and brain models. Watch as Kevin Billett explains how these parts, plus others in PolyJet and FDM, are generating rapid returns for the medical community. 

Driving Innovation and Adoption Video:

Full-length talk from R. Scott Rader, PhD.

For our second video, we have a recorded presentation on medical 3D printing called Driving Innovation and Adoption. The guest presenter is Stratasys medical expert R. Scott Rader, PhD. Scott gave an eye-opening talk on additive manufacturing and 3D printing in the medical industry, starting with devices for outside the body such as tools and other medical devices. He continues on with a wide range of other topics such as the work TriMech customer, The Jacobs Institute, is doing with surgical training and how 3D printing is solving tough problems in some of the most complex surgeries attempted today.

If you’re looking for an excellent groundwork of knowledge in how hospitals, doctors and medical device companies are using 3D printing today, watch this video!  

3D printing in the medical industry is becoming more advanced and prevalent every day. Read about other advantages of 3D applications in our blog or watch the On-Demand Webinar: Radiology & 3D Printing.