3D Printing Field Trips And The Future Of Engineering

By Madeleine Hartle on

TriMech and ModernTech are proud supporters of childrens’ education and community involvement. When Eric De Boer, Instructional Technology Specialist for St. Bridget School, contacted us to host a 3D printing field trip, we quickly embraced their visit.

Eighteen students from 6th – 8th grade stopped into our Richmond, VA office to see 3D printing in a real world setting.

3D printing field trip
We got the chance to show them how people design products and how 3D printing can bring their designs to reality.

3D printing field trip demo
They broke up into two groups and put on their CEO hats to “create” companies with specific niche products: shark repellent surf boards and rage-management video game controllers.

3D printing field trip
Our application engineer, Emmanuel Kim, then modeled their designs in SOLIDWORKS to show them how their design interfaces with our 3D printers.

3D Printing office demo
The kids even got a little hands on!

3d printing field trip

“It’s imporant to be involved with kids like these to help spur dreams and innovation from future generations of engineers and designers,” Ruben Nigaglioni, TriMech Account Manager, said.

Thanks to Mr. De Boer and the bright students of St. Bridget School for the fun experience!