3D Printing a Kayak with SOLIDWORKS and Stratasys – Part 5

By Emmy Wolfe on

327 in³ of model material. 298 in³ of support material. 250 hours of print time. 41 parts. 20 hours of building and assembly. 1 kayak. 

In part four of our webinar series, we gave you a little taste of how the kayak floats on the water, but we still had questions that were left unanswered. Is it fast? Can it handle waves? Will it take on water when rolled? Watch our final video to discover the answer to these questions. 


Thanks to SOLIDWORKS, solidThinking Inspire and Stratasys we can sail off into the sunset with confidence. 

Is your imagination running wild with ideas of what you can accomplish with SOLIDWORKS and 3D printing? Hone your skills in our training classes to ensure they can get you where your imagination leads. 


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