3D Printing a Kayak with SOLIDWORKS and Stratasys – Part 3

By Andrew Jaskey on

Having already designed the wood stringers with SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD in part 1 and refined the shape of the kayak for buoyancy, stability and draw with Flow Simulation in part 2,  the third step in designing a 3D printed kayak is designing the interior structure. In this blog, I’ll show how to create the geometry to hold the stringers in place.

Internal Structure of Skin-On-Frame Kayak

In a typical skin-on-frame kayak, the stringers would be simple flat sections. But with a 3D printer available, I am not constrained to simple flat geometry. Using the bone growth algorithm in solidThinking Inspire, I optimized the internal structure to reduce the overall material used. After the design was optimized I validated the final structure using SOLIDWORKS Simulation.


Watch the third part of the blog series to see how I used SOLIDWORKS and solidThinking Inspire to test and optimize my design to make durable frames using minimal material, allowing me to save on print time and material cost.

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