3D Printing a Kayak with SOLIDWORKS and Stratasys – Part 1

By Andrew Jaskey on

With summer upon us, it’s time for my favorite pastime (other than using SOLIDWORKS): Kayaking! And this year I have a brand new boat to play with.

See the entire design process of the TriMech kayak, from idea to production and launch, in our five-part video blog series. In this first video, I go over how to use SOLIDWORKS to create the initial concept of the kayak by using a historic design for inspiration. Watch the video below.

Initially, I approached TriMech with the idea to design and 3D print a skin-on-frame kayak, and much to my surprise, they enthusiastically agreed! Traditional skin-on-frame kayaks are a labor of love. With intricate geometry, they often require multiple attempts to get the fitting just right.

My theory was that with SOLIDWORKS solutions, designing and testing a skin-on-frame kayak would take far less effort than building and testing multiple versions of physical prototypes. This would allow for us to ultimately 3D print and build a full-size kayak with relative ease, to test on open waters.

3D Printed Kayak

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