Achieve Functional 3D Printed Parts with MJF

By Sarah Smith on

Multi-Jet Fusion (MJF) technology creates robust and durable parts by fusing Nylon 12 powder, resulting in highly functional 3D printed parts. The powder bed supports the print throughout the build process allowing for open and complex geometries. It is widely used for fit and function testing due to its chemically resistant and extremely rugged nature. Below we’ll cover a few options to take your standard gray MJF parts to the next level with our functional features and secondary appearance finishing services.

MJF manifold dyed black

Our MJF machines have a large build volume, but oversized parts can be accomplished through secondary bonding. Parts can be designed with an overlapping feature on the joint for extra strength and rigidity once adhered. Another valuable service is the placement of brass inserts within your parts. The threaded inserts increase functionality for fit testing and assembly. MJF has a flexibility and rebound that lends itself to applications such as hinges, closures, and clips. We recommend the post processing of annealing living hinges to assist with movement.

MJF housing dyed black

Directly off the printer MJF parts are gray with a slightly textured surface. Parts can be dyed black with a RoHS compliant dye. The dye penetrates the Nylon PA 12 material ensuring colorfastness even if the part endures cosmetic surface scratches. Black parts are a great option for basic prototyping. If your project requires color matching and a smooth surface finish, then custom paint and graphics might be a good choice. Parts are primed and finished with industrial grade paints in our walk-in spray booth. Secondary graphics such as a logo or text can be applied. Metal simulation can be achieved with electroplating. The finish level options range from a muted patina to a highly polished look.

Speak with one of our experts to learn more about how to achieve functional 3D printed parts for your project or request a quote.