3 Reasons to Switch to SOLIDWORKS

By Samantha Bild on

Deciding to switch 3D software platforms for an entire team can be a costly decision for any company. But sometimes, it can be much more costly not to switch. In this blog, we outline three reasons you should consider switching to SOLIDWORKS.

Why Make the Switch?

Often companies reach out to TriMech wanting to switch from a platform like AutoDesk, ProE or SolidEdge. When this occurs, we ask, “Why would you consider completely moving platforms when you’ve invested so much already in a different CAD program?” The response is overwhelmingly the same:

New Hires and Students Know SOLIDWORKS

Many clients say that every potential new hire interviewed had previous SOLIDWORKS experience. After crunching the numbers, it often turns out to be less expensive to switch platforms than to train people on a new platform. 

This is a natural explanation to us because more than one million students at over 14,500 schools around the world graduate with SOLIDWORKS training each year. And employers consistently rank SOLIDWORKS as the top 3D-tech experience requested in job postings on Monster.com.

Students using SOLIDWORKS

SOLIDWORKS Community Promotes Design Inspiration

Support is important to companies, students and new hires alike. SOLIDWORKS is more than just a software platform. It is a design community filled with opportunities to learn and gain inspiration from eachother. The community consists of more than 3 million users, hundreds of SOLIDWORKS Value-Added Resellers (VARs) like TriMech, partners and staff worldwide, with expertise that is unmatched in the industry.

Clients aren’t just buying seats of SOLIDWORKS from us. They are also buying all of the many valuable resources available to members of the SOLIDWORKS community.

User Groups Facilitate Networking

We often advise that users join a local SOLIDWORKS User Group (SWUG). At meetings, you can expect to network with other users directly and better educate yourself on all aspects of the software and design process. Everyone, from new hires, beginners and experts to even the User Group Leaders, benefit from the unique knowledge transfer of a User Group.

To see what SOLIDWORKS can do for your bottom line, simply request a demo from our team. It could be a solid investment in the future of your design team.