3 Favorite Features on the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform with Suman

By Suman Sudhakaren on

The 3DEXPERIENCE platform brings organization, teams, processes, and their data together in a cloud-based environment for enhanced collaboration. To have a robust system, it becomes important to organize the toolkit in the most efficient way so you can use the tools that are most relevant to your application. Let’s look at my three favorite features and tools in the 3DEXPERIENCE platform.

3D Dashboard

The 3D Dashboard is the interface that allows me to interact with the platform. You can customize the dashboard as needed, and you can have multiple dashboards depending upon the project and tools that are relevant for that project. For the dashboard, you can customize the layout by using the tab to search the layout of the webpage. For example, for projects, I have collaborative task and project planning apps that I can quickly access. Some of the tabs that I have customized for this specific dashboard. I can look at the different projects, look at their status, go through the tasks and check the progress, and if needed, change the maturity state right from within the dashboard.


Editor Bookmark

Another feature that I find very useful is the bookmark editor. It doesn’t store the data, but it allows me to provide a folder structure to organize the data, so I don’t have to search for it. I can go to the relevant bookmark or the folder and customize the structure so that I can access the files accordingly. I can select the files, and look at the file properties, as well as the maturity state right from within the bookmark.

 Bookmark Editor
Bookmark Editor

Collaborative Designer

Another feature I find very useful on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform is the Collaborative Designer for SOLIDWORKS. It allows me to manage SOLIDWORKS data on the cloud and use data management tools to organize the data on the cloud from within SOLIDWORKS. I can also access the data management tools and transfer the data to the cloud more efficiently to further collaborate on product structures and data on the cloud.

I can use the product release engineer application. This allows me to efficiently reuse the data and improve the product governance so that it adheres to the required corporate standard. Using the engineering release application, for example, I can select any assembly, look at the BOM and the maturity state for any file. I can also select any of the components in the Assembly and update the revision. So, within the BOM, I can make a design change to the assembly by replacing the component revision. I can also assign materials as required and then the BOM can be exported to a CSV.

Maturity state in 3DX
Maturity state

Hopefully, some of these features that we showed in this presentation may be useful for your application onto the experience platform.