3 Favorite 3DEXPERIENCE Features with Sarah

By Sarah Taylor on

I’m Sarah for TriMech, and I want to talk to you about three of my favorite things on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform including the xShape app, drag and drop feature and the 3DSWYM communication hub.

xShape App

First is the xShape app. It comes bundled as part of the 3DSculptor role and it is a fully cloud-based subdivision modeling app, so it runs inside of a browser.

As a quick demo, you’ll notice I have these points, edges, and faces along the body of this watering can. What makes xShape so different from a parametric modeling application, like SOLIDWORKS, is that I can directly edit the geometry. I can manipulate the model by pushing, pulling, rotating, and scaling rather than creating traditional sketches and features. In xShape, we are directly editing the geometry like you would when modeling clay. You can make a lot of fun shapes here. This is great for industrial design, and things that may need to be more ergonomic or aesthetic.

Points, edges and faces on the body of watering can
Points, edges and faces on the body of watering can

Drag and Drop Feature

The next two things I want to talk about are not necessarily apps but more about the functionalities in the platform. One of which is the ability to drag and drop files between different apps. This capability is found all over the platform.

One example is if I take the watering can that I’ve been working on, I can drag and drop it into my SOLIDWORKS window and bring it into an assembly. SOLIDWORKS is connected to the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, so it is able to open a file with a drag and drop that makes it seamless.

3DSWYM Communication Hub

The last item I want to cover is a hidden gem that I really like. Inside of the 3DSWYM communication hub on the platform, there is a social media style feed where you’ll find likes and comments and different communities for different groups or projects. In the Conversations tab, I can have private message with one person or with a small group. Also, to the right, I can start an audio call, start a video call, or share my screen. So right in the 3DEXPERIENCE platform running within a browser where I already have all my design data and engineering team available to me, I can quickly use these functions to my advantage and be more efficient. No need for an extra application on your desktop for a video call or screen share.

3DSWYM Conversations
3DSWYM Conversations

So those are three of my favorite things about the 3DEXPERIENCE platform. There’s a lot more to it, a lot more to offer, and I’m sure you’ll gather some useful tips and tricks in the next videos with some of my other colleagues favorite things.