3 Favorite 3DEXPERIENCE features with Ray

By Ray Morrogh on

Watch the video below as I discuss my favorite features on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform: 3D Learn, 3D Communities and xShape. 

3D Learn

One of my favorite features is the 3D Learn application. Whenever you go into any app and you see the graduation cap, you can click on it and it will automatically take you to training resources on that application. Since there are so many roles available, it’s a great way to improve my understanding of a lot of the applications that I’m using.



Another feature I like is the Communities area. We have our own Communities area within TriMech but what’s great is that you can see the project history and what people have been working on. Being a part of the communities makes us more involved and dedicated to the team and team building skills. It has been awesome seeing how TriMech stays connected on various projects.

3DEXPERIENCE Communities
3DEXPERIENCE Communities


My other favorite feature on the platform is xShape. As someone who came from an industry working at that intersection of industrial designers and mechanical engineers, it’s really cool to see that there’s finally a tool that readily integrates with existing CAD platforms to translate between 2D and 3D. Creating that bridge between marker renders and 2D sketches all the way to surfaced CAD models. I think that it’s a great tool to be able to translate that form, function and fit that I know industrial designers are always looking to achieve.

xShape 3DEXPERIENCE example