2D to 3D Conversions in SOLIDWORKS

By Tommy Ray on

As more and more people are transitioning from 2D modeling software to 3D modeling with SOLIDWORKS, converting legacy 2D data is more important than ever. When you make this switch, there’s no need to start from scratch and redrawing hundreds or even thousands of models. With SOLIDWORKS, converting 2D dwg to 3D models is quick and easy. Learn how to do it in this week’s Video Tech Tip.

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It all starts with the existing 2D file. When you open a dwg file, the import wizard will automatically start. This will guide you through the process of converting those 2D files into useable parametric 3D models. You have full control over what exactly gets imported. Things like layers, dimensions and constraints are all easily converted using the import wizard. 

With the 2D drawing imported, SOLIDWORKS offers many tools that make converting the 2D views into a 3D solid model easy. With just a few clicks all the various views can be aligned properly relative to each other and on the correct planes. 

With these import and conversion tools in SOLIDWORKS it’s never been easier to take your existing 2D files and turn them in to 3D solid models.

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