Baylis Medical uses TriMech’s flexible SOLIDWORKS Training Day Program

To build skills and knowledge in the full suite of SOLIDWORKS tools, Baylis Medical turns to TriMech; in particular, the flexibility of TriMech's corporate training program.

Headquartered in Canada, and with offices around the world, Baylis Medical develops and commercializes medical devices, specializing in cardiology and spine.

Doran Avivi is a Staff R&D Engineer at Baylis. He said his team contributes to creating new, innovative technologies for cardiologists.

“Our devices give surgeons minimally-invasive access to the left side of the heart. When the surgeon can work more efficiently, we’re enabling them to provide better care for their patients.”

Doran and his colleagues continually improve the design and manufacturing processes for their devices, and efficiency and productivity must remain at a high level. One key way they do this is through ongoing training.

Every 3D model for every product designed by Doran’s team is created using SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD software. To build skills and knowledge in the full suite of SOLIDWORKS tools, Baylis turns to TriMech; in particular, Doran appreciates the flexibility of TriMech’s corporate training program.

Baylis Medical device - SW Model

Baylis Medical VersaCross® Steerable Sheath – SOLIDWORKS model

Flexible SOLIDWORKS training

TriMech’s corporate training is easy for clients because it’s one order, one purchase, yet includes 20 or more flex training days that can be used by any employee, in any location, to attend publicly offered in-person or live online courses.

Some Baylis designers take advantage of SOLIDWORKS Essentials training, to get better acquainted with the software. Others, like Doran, take advanced courses in SOLIDWORKS Simulation, SOLIDWORKS Drawings, and SOLIDWORKS Advanced Part Modeling.

“TriMech has a huge list of public courses to choose from. It just depends on who is looking for training at the time and how much experience they have.”

Doran adds that the flexibility in scheduling is helpful because they can send just one or two people, instead of managing the downtime that comes with having 40 people training at one time. He also likes the half-day online options because trainees can keep up with their regular work.

Growing in popularity

Baylis is on its third year of investing in TriMech’s corporate training days. In 2020, they chose 20 days; in 2021, they increased to 35.

As the engineers started taking courses, first discovering how easy it was for them to choose a course and get approval quickly, then experiencing the quality of instructors and course content, demand began to increase. Plus, the overall team continues to grow, with new talent arriving.

“There are many ways training makes us better,” Doran said. “Mainly it’s learning best practices to do CAD properly and getting comfortable with any new features. We always want to create 3D models quickly, iterate quickly, make a better product, and get to market faster.”

Even for an experienced user like Doran, there’s always more to learn.

“CAD is time consuming by nature. I make a note of all the shortcuts so I get more efficient. I also like practising on a real case. I’m a visual learner who learns by doing.”

Baylis came to TriMech from another provider several years ago and Doran said he enjoys SOLIDWORKS flexible training and working with the people at TriMech. “TriMech has great customer service. The instructors are friendly and knowledgeable, and they answer your questions live. They send training manuals beforehand so you can prepare or look up content afterward, and the courses are thorough and in depth.”

3D printing aids medical product development

Baylis also has four Stratasys Polyjet 3D printers, which the team uses during product development to make prototypes and test designs. It’s another reason why knowing the ins and outs of SOLIDWORKS is so important – designing properly for additive manufacturing.

Baylis Medical - Doran Avivi

Doran Avivi with their Stratasys 3D Printer – an Objet30 Pro

Baylis Medical Investing in people

Baylis is serious about investing in its people through professional development, and managers all have development plans for their team members.

“Baylis recognizes that the growth of the company depends on the growth of the employees,” Doran said.

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TriMech’s public training schedule includes courses in design, simulation, data management, CAM, electrical, and communication. Learn more about our training and consulting solutions.